About Us

Azakti Energy provides complete lifecycle solution from conceptualising new field development to life extension of ageing assets, using highly experienced and qualified team with worldwide project experience, who can transfer this knowledge and the lessons learnt to apply a holistic approach to clients’ problems.

Our technical leadership with multidiscipline background have extensive experience and achievements in their relevant fields. We regularly chair and present at conferences, workshops, and publish our novel developments in journals as part of our efforts to help educate the market we serve.

Our Mission
We aspire to be the preferred partner and leading service provider in the market segments we operate.
Our Vision
OUR VISION is innovative insights. As challenges become more and more complex, engineering applies a higher degree of commitment to manage the increasing level of uncertainty resulting in significant engineering waste. At Azakti Energy, we believe in our ability to simplify complex challenges and develop a level of understanding so deep that there would not be a requirement for safety factors or engineering provisions.

At Azakti Energy, we are committed to ensure the health and safety of all who are directly and indirectly affected by our activities, and to limit any adverse effects to the environment to as low as reasonably possible.

The compiled QHSE directives and procedures at Azakti Energy determine our QHSE policies and hence our output and performance.

Our practice is to embed quality, health, safety and environmental values across our operations and activities, to create an incident free working environment and to be compliant with Client’s QHSE requirements.

From the primary factors of proactive leadership and effective communication, our directive is targeted to everyone to ensure their engagement in the most effective manner to instil the necessary attitudes and behaviours which maintain an everlasting QHSE culture within Azakti Energy.

Certified to ISO 9001 : 2015