Linear and Nonlinear FEA

Extended FEA

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian (CEL)

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

Fracture Mechanics

Blast Wall Analysis

Transient Geotechnical Consolidation

Low/High Cycle Fatigue

Dynamic Analysis

Collapse and Propagation Analysis


At AZAKTI Energy, we understand that lab or field testing can be very costly, and does not always provide the bigger picture of component behavior in the entire assembly. Conventional form of calculations and analysis are deemed unsuitable in these situations, among others demand the following:

  • Complex systems global and local behavior and performance
  • Optimal configuration of components and sub-assemblies to develop working concept
  • Identifying restrictions and limitations towards optimising complex process
  • Verification and validation of analysis of design to meet client requirements

We take pride in our ability and expertise in carrying out various advanced and complex analysis over the years for a wide range of industries and clientele. Our specialists have experience ranging from aerospace, defense, automotive, marine and oil & gas, and coupled with our in-house codes and commercial state-of-the art software, we are able to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to their complex problems.

Our advanced analyses services are as follows:

  • Linear and Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Extended Finite Element Methods (XFEM)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian (CEL)
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Blast wall analysis
  • Transient geotechnical consolidation
  • Low/High Cycle Fatigue
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Collapse and propagation analysis

In addition, our specialists have developed in-house tools to directly address unique client requirements, resulting in a presentable results format which is used to support any decision-making process at all levels. The developments of these tools are result of thorough understanding of systems behavior and experience in the field which leads to a comprehensive management of knowledge.