AZAKTI Energy has developed expertise in undertaking brownfield related projects for the purpose of service life extension and enhancement of offshore installations. This covers the entire spectrum of mature and ageing assets, from on-site inspection, corrosion assessments, residual stress measurement, through to minor retrofit, major rehabilitation and full Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) projects. Our experience team of specialists will ensure bespoke and cost efficient solutions are developed for your specific challenges.

Platform Conductor Integrity & Life Extension

Shallow water Wellhead Platform Tower (WHPT) in ageing fields are susceptible to metal corrosion and annular cement deterioration, among other problems. Our range of services in this area includes:

  • Inspection philosophy developement for corrosion assessment
  • Bespoke residual loading measurement
  • Corrosion assessment & inhibition design
  • In-place structural resistance assessment
  • Conductor & casing integrity assessment
  • Cement deterioration and top-up analysis
  • Structural Reliability Analysis (SRA)
  • Risk classification
  • Retrofit, major rehabilitation design & EPCI

Casing Residual Load Measurement

The over-estimation of the conductor and casing loads can result in unnecessary repair and retrofitting work, which is why we understand the need for precise measurement of these residual loads in assessing an ageing system, particularly if no reliable design information are available. Our proprietary ultrasonic non destructive inspection system is specifically designed to overcome this challenge.  Utilising the acoustoelastic properties of the casing material, this hand-held unit is designed to provide accurate residual stress measurement for use in integrity assessments.

Well Integrity Assessment

Our integrated software tool with user friendly interfaces are specifically developed for facility and integrity engineers and technicians carrying out inspections and surveys to identify and prioritise failing wells for repairs. This self-contained assessment tool is capable of performing finite element static strength check based on conductor, casing and cement health information, corrosion survey data, metocean data and soil information. The output is automatically fed into the integrity assessment module of the system and performs a range of rehabilitation feasibility studies to provide the most accurate estimation of asset health condition possible.