AZAKTI Energy employs industry benchmarked software systems to carry out numerical analyses to ensure a successful drilling campaign for shallow and deep-water ventures. Our experts have vast experience in supporting several high-profile and complex projects anywhere from 11m to 3000m water depth under conventional of up to 10ksi conditions or HPHT (15ksi and > 20ksi, 350°F). Our engineering services for this category consist of the following:

Riser Engineering

Our riser engineering specialists can provide clients with various riser configuration and systems for a wide range of drilling, completion, workover, intervention and production systems, and spans across the following types:

  • Riser configuration feasibility studies
  • Riser stack-up and tension optimization
  • Operating conditions analysis
  • Riser systems installation analysis
  • Riser disconnect, storm hang-off & retrieval analysis
  • Wave Induced Fatigue (WIV)
  • Vortex Induced Fatigue (VIV)
  • Wellhead fatigue analysis
  • Detailed component analysis (connectors, flange etc.)
  • Fracture mechanics and Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)
  • Drilling wear analysis
  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) systems
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) systems
  • Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC)

We have competence in carrying out relevant work for the following riser systems types:

  • Top tensioned risers
  • Hybrid risers
  • Flexible risers
  • Steel catenary risers
  • Freestanding risers

Platform Conductor Engineering

Conductor systems are crucial structural members for surface wellhead systems and we understand these systems from our vast experience on new design and existing installations life extensions. We provide services ranging from conductor installation (drilled or driven) and subsequent casing and tubing strings in multi-pipe-in-pipe system, carried out from jack-ups or drill ships.

Pipeline & Flowline Engineering

We provide complex onshore and offshore pipeline engineering services such lateral and upheaval buckling analysis with nonlinear soil interactions, and on-bottom stability check for complex installation and shore pull operations.