Residual Stress Inspection

Conductor Corrosion Mapping

Wall Thickness Survey


Azakti Energy offer an integrated approach to inspection services.  By integrating inspection services into our asset integrity services, we can provide a true “turn-key” integrity management service.

For each project, we can determine the information required for analysis, develop the appropriate inspection method, execute the inspection and acquire the data to run our analysis all within the same engineering team. This integrated approach removes the burden from the client acting as a link between the inspectors and the integrity management consultants, break down communication barriers and reduces cost and time whilst improving quality of service.

Using our proprietary inspection tools, we can inspect for corrosion, residual stresses, preloads and operational strain on metallic tubular structures including marine/drilling risers, drill strings and conductor/casing. Most of these tools have built-in automated system to minimise inspection time and cost.