Well Integrity

With our state-of-the art inspection systems for conductors and risers, we provide robust engineering solutions for ageing onshore and offshore wells. Our in-house integrity assessment software is very effective in combining deterministic and probabilistic evaluations of corrosion and deterioration in casings and annular cement to provide reliable information of in-place state.

Planning & Strategy

Partnering and integrating into client integrity teams to help develop plans to manage ageing asset.

Corrosion Evaluation

Assessment of corrosion data, reliability analysis, probabilistic modelling and determine corrosion distribution.


Realistic prediction of asset life by iteratively reducing over-conservatisms & identifying survivability.


Develop repair and mitigation systems to enhance structural resistance at optimum cost benefit.


Recommend the most appropriate inspection methods and intervals for effective integrity strategy.


Structural assessments of as-built and in-place configuration of wells and topside equipment.

Repair Prioritisation

Development of acceptable criteria and continued service requirements for extending asset life.

Condition Monitoring

On-going inspection and continue monitoring of asset after repairs to enforce safety and training requirements.